The Covent Garden Supper Club is made possible through partnerships with organizations that share our values and commitment to social impact and sustainability. Here are our valued partners:

  1. The Conduit: The Conduit is our venue partner and provides the space for our monthly events. The Conduit is a private members’ club in Mayfair that brings together people who share a passion for social impact and sustainability. The club hosts events and initiatives that promote positive change in various fields, including food, health, and the environment.
  2. City Harvest: We partner with City Harvest to receive surplus ingredients that would otherwise go to waste and transform them into delicious meals. City Harvest collects and distributes surplus food from supermarkets, restaurants, and manufacturers to community organizations and charities across London.
  3. Under One Sky: Our partners, Under One Sky, deliver the food parcels created during our events to the homeless in and around Covent Garden. Under One Sky is a charity that supports homeless and vulnerable people in London through a range of initiatives, including outreach, mentoring, and employment support.
  4. Let’s Feed London: The proceeds from each dinner go towards supporting LCK’s Let’s Feed London Campaign, which aims to provide healthy and nutritious meals to vulnerable communities across London. The campaign is run by the Felix Project, which is a charity that collects surplus food from suppliers and delivers it to community organizations and charities across London.

We are proud to partner with these organizations, and their support enables us to create positive change in our community.

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