About Us

Covent Garden Supper Club

Return On Impact

LOcal Impact

We work with local charities to supply food and essentials to citizens that are currently homeless in and around Covent Garden. 

Return on Impact

While diners who attend our dinner pay a fixed fee, the proceeds will go towards supporting LCK’s Let’s Feed London Campaign. which will support more people across the Capital who face food insecurity. 

The Enviromental Impact

We understand that reducing food waste is critical to addressing environmental and social challenges, and we take our responsibility to do so seriously. By supporting The Covent Garden Supper Club, you are not only helping to reduce food waste, but you are also making a meaningful contribution to the environment by preventing good food from going to landfill. The meals will be prepared using surplus ingredients. 

"The Covent Garden Supper Club offers more than just a fantastic dining experience. This event brings people together from all walks of life to connect over their shared passion for food and community. We are thrilled to be part of Covent Garden's vibrant community, and we look forward to welcoming you to The Supper Club with a conscience".

"Each month, we create an inclusive and welcoming environment where you can enjoy a delicious meal, meet new people and engage in meaningful conversations".

"The Covent Garden Supper Club is a conduit for community of change makers who share a common passion for social economics, sustainably and empowerment. We strongly believe that by working collaboratively, we can “sow, reap, harvest and bounty in consortium".

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